Note:  This is a personal blog so I don’t host any 3rd party content on this blog, including adverts, marketing, “informational materials”, link-sharing, and especially not your ICO.  Kindly note that I won’t reply to these requests.  Thanks for respecting my time 🙂

That said, I do review every inbound comment, so please contact me to:

Talk about blockchains.  If you have any thoughts on bitcoin and blockchains and want to talk about them, feel free to fill in the form below that links directly to my email.

Solve your business problem.  If you have a problem in your business and you think blockchain might be able to solve it but you can’t quite see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, I may be able to help.

Implement your blockchain solution.  If you want to dig deeper then I can take a thorough look at what you’re doing and how blockchains might help.

Please get in touch.  If you don’t ask, nothing will happen.  If you do, anything might.




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