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I aim to write accessible articles about blockchains, bitcoins, distributed ledgers, fintech, and the metaverse, in plain English, for business people.

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Most recent posts

  • Cross-Border Payments
    With the talk of PayPal issuing a stablecoin, the idea of cheapening cross-border payments is bound to come up again.  But it’s not really about crossing borders, it’s a little more complex than that. โ€ฆ Read more
  • The Content Curve – 3d Content as a Special Format
    3d content sits in a special place on the content curve; it is categorically different to previous forms of digital content, and opens up an entirely new design space that will affect all industries.
  • Why Do We Need to Commute in the Metaverse?
    If I am in a workspace in a virtual world and I want to get to another experience, why would I stand on a virtual train smelling a virtual armpit?
  • The Virtual Worlds Type Indicator, or Metaverse MBTI
    Introducing the Virtual Worlds Type Indicator (VWTI), an attempt to categorise the universe of metaverses into sensible boxes.
  • Metaverse Musings Part One
    Some people feel they are already living in the metaverse, given how much time they spend staring at screens and interacting with other humans via video conferences and chat groups. Others say we are โ€ฆ Read more
  • What if USDT Tether depegged?
    Having spoken with a number of industry participants, it’s clear to me that the large traders do not expect USDT to depeg.  They tend to believe Tether Inc has more than enough assets to cover its โ€ฆ Read more
  • The Island of Crypto
    Crypto-for-crypto is a normal part of a paradigm-changing shift, it’s to be expected, and follows a natural path.
  • Top 20 Coins: Uncommon Core Podcast Episode 15
    Throwing this up for discoverability: I enjoy the Uncommon Core podcast and this is a helpful episode for those looking to get a quick summary of the top coins by market cap as at โ€ฆ Read more
  • It ain’t just about programmability
    This commentary is a respectful response to JP Koning’s post “Programmable money isn’t new, we’ve had it for ages”.
  • Tokens vs Accounts: A love letter to the NY Fed (and a quibble)
    I was just reading an excellent recent post on the New York Fed’s blog Liberty Street Economics, entitled “Token- or Account-Based? A Digital Currency Can Be Both” by Rod Garratt, Michael Lee, Brendan Malone, โ€ฆ Read more

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