FinTech finals Hong Kong: 25-26 Jan 2016

I returned from an enjoyable two-day event in Hong Kong showcasing Asia’s best FinTech startups.  I spoke on a couple of panels and gave a short keynote, arguing that the hot topic for 2016 will be “smart contracts“.  Below is a copy of the presentation I gave.

Day 1 Panel: The Internet of Money – from Blockchain to Bitcoin, and how it will impact Asian finance? with:


Day 2 Blockchain Summit opening keynote: 2014 vs 2015 vs 2016. How has interest changed in bitcoins / blockchains?  Here is a pdf of the presentation I gave: 2016-01-26 FinTech Finals HK.pdf

I was joined for a panel discussion with:


I was also honoured to be listed as an FinTech Asia 100 influencer.  Thank you!

Update:  The slide that got the most attention seemed to be this one:

Blockchain chest sheet v0.1

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